Atwater Feed is Merced County’s Poultry Headquarters.  In 2016, from February to September, we sold over 10,000 Baby Chicks .  All of our baby chicks are ordered “sexed.” and we carry all breeds of chicks from standard to specialty, bantams to broilers.

In addition to BABY CHICKS, we also carry DUCKLINGS, GOSLINGS, & TURKEYS.

See a list of available breeds of chicks here

We also have all the FEED and SUPPLIES you will need to get started to ensure a happy and healthy flock. We got you covered with Purina Mills, Swansons, Farmer’s Best, and Seed Factory brands of Chicken, Pigeon, Waterfowl & Game Bird feeds.

If you are interested in producing ORGANIC EGGS for your family, we carry quality Non GMO Soy Free ORGANIC feeds from Modesto Milling as well.